Mission & Vision

Founded the 1st January of 2019, the Manaty Research Group aims to tackle the modern issues of fundamental sciences. Like our contributions to computer engineering based on the development of open source softwares, our scientific research is motivated by the ideal of a progress benefiting to everyone.

In parallel of their research work, the researchers mission is to pass on their knowledge to their colleagues and to the next generations. That is why beyond the publications in top level journals, the Manaty Research Group will also produce free of right educational material.


Jean-Pierre Petit: Former Research Director of the CNRS
  • Mathematics
  • Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Cosmology
  • Popularization
Gilles d'Agostini: Doctor in Physics and High Energy
  • Mathematics
  • Cosmology
Nathalie Debergh: Doctor in Mathematics and Researcher in Theoretical Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Field Theory


Physical and mathematical consistency of the Janus Cosmological Model (JCM)