We’re committed to design, realize and maintain stable, scalable, performant and secure enterprise apps

A team of highly-skilled experts

Manaty is a group of experts committed to design, realize and maintain stable, scalable, performant and secure enterprise apps. Our methodology and tools adapted to latest improvements in software design and project management.

Since 2006, we developed applications for mobile, web, API, backend both SQL and NoSQL, document management, BI, workflow, AI for all kinds of industries (Telecom (MNOs, MVNOs and IoT Providers), Media, Finance, Retail, Health, Cloud and several Startups).

Whether you are a big company, a SMB or a startup, we know how to adapt to help you reach your business objectives.

We master main programming languages and frameworks : Java, Javascript, PHP, .Net, Python, Native iOS and Android...

We integrated many powerful and cost effective technologies : Search engines (Elastic search...), Artificial Intelligence (tensor flow, Watson ...), Document management (Alfresco, Modeshape...)

We work on almost all kind of database : Postgres, MariaDb (Mysql), Oracle, MSSQL, Mongo, Neo4j, Infinispan, CouchDb,...

We spinned off our open-source billing software (http://opencellsoft.com)

With a Big Set of Competences

We build the engine that will run your business from product and service design, ordering, fulfillment, billing to cash collection

Application Lifecyle Management

Chatbot and AI

Mobile Development

Website Development

Hosting, Helpdesk and Support

Company Software Development

We operate all over the world

Our highly scalable and cost effective resources and our data production centers are present in all continents: Argentina, Bielorussia, China, France, India, Jordan, Laos, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, USA, Vietnam

Our tools are entirely in the cloud which allow us to work

24H/24 - 7 days a week


Highly Skilled Engineers

50 000+

Man days of Code


Happy Customers


Projects Completed

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